Brenden Dilley is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM, CPT) and has been certified since 2000. He is the owner of Hublife Fitness LLC in Sacramento, CA.
By focusing on the mind & body as a whole, Brenden has been successful in working with a vast array of people from all walks of life; including corporate CEOs, international athletes, models, stay-at-home Moms and youth athletes. His unique, results-oriented approach, that comes from not only the science of health but also his experience in working in the personal growth & self-help industry, bring the key elements together that allow his clients to achieve their goals and see results much faster than other traditional approaches.
Brenden is the official personal trainer for the Miss San Joaquin County Beauty Pageant. He has appeared on a variety of radio talk shows and has trained from the stage at a number of self development and personal improvement seminars. Brenden is the creator of the life altering training course, "The Psychology Of Fitness." His dynamic, powerful and contagious attitude has assisted his clients in not only altering their physical bodies and shapes but also motivating them to strive for more success in all areas of their lives.
Brenden lives and breathes what he teaches his clients, and his ability to be authentic at all times is what separates him from other personal trainers in the fitness industry. He has the ability to empathize and identify with his clients at the core level, all the while empowering them to stretch beyond their personal limitations and self doubts. When Brendens clients doubt their own abilities to change and improve themselves, they know that he is the stabilizing force that they can rely on as their foundation of strength, discipline and empowerment.

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