Join Lisa Kitter on a journey of thought creation and universal truths. Throughout this divinely guided book, Lisa invites you to open your mind to infinite possibilities and limitless potential. Lisa communicates with God and addresses many of life's confusing, frightening and often times, taboo topics, such as; prosperity, religious choice, life and death. A shift in our collective consciousness is occurring on planet earth and Lisa empowers you to embrace the transformation and become all that you are truly meant to be in this lifetime. She will guide you through the process necessary to claim what is yours by divine right and assist you to experience a closer relationship with the infinite, and with others, on a spiritual and an emotional level. Order by hitting any of the links to any of the retailer logos below.
From Your Lips To Gods Ear is a refreshing and exciting book, designed to assist you with achieving all of your dreams and opening the door to your infinite potential.

Affirmations are usually done in the first person, present tense, however there are other, more powerful methods for utilizing affirmations to really unlock some of your deepest core beliefs and Your Lips Gods Ear is just the book to reveal those success methods.

Join Lisa Kitter & Paula Dieck as they share personal examples of triumph and accomplishments brought about by the simple process of using power statements. You will learn how to reprogram your belief system and shift your subconscious mind for abundance – beginning today!
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